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Ever since Texas Roadhouse descended on Immokalee in late April with 1,200+ volunteers intent on giving the town a makeover and providing the needy with meals and support, we at TIF have been members of the Unofficial Texas Roadhouse Fan Club.

We first got to know the organization nearly a year ago now, when we began talking with the company about bringing its annual Humanitarian Day to Immokalee. Nearly six months later, the massive Texas Roadhouse crew arrived. They renovated the Immokalee High School athletic facility. They planted fruit trees. They made improvements to the Immokalee Friendship House building. They prepared and distributed nearly 10,000 boxes of nonperishable food. They sponsored a large mural depicting three children from Immokalee — a mural designed by student Josie Lopez and Jaime Hernandez, a teacher at iTECH — that now adorns a large outside wall of the Immokalee Housing and Family Services building.

During our College Tour 2011, TIF students made a stop at a Texas Roadhouse in Gainesville, Florida — and they took advantage of the occasion to unfurl a banner (pictured above) that shows how much they appreciate what Texas Roadhouse has done for Immokalee.

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