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Building pathways to success . . .
so they’re better prepared for life’s journey.

about the immokalee Foundation

Founded in 1991, The Immokalee Foundation and its supporters are empowering children and young adults to change the course of their lives. Our students come from situations where English may not be their first language, where just getting through high school is considered a high achievement, and where a college degree and career are mere dreams.

We’re in the business of helping make those dreams come true.

With the support of mentors, donors and volunteers, The Immokalee Foundation provides students the resources and the confidence to follow pathways to success. We do this by providing educational and career-building opportunities that open the students’ eyes to their personal potential . . . along with the understanding that what they once considered impossible just might be possible after all.

the immokalee foundation impact

100% of our students graduate from high school

Compared to 87% in Florida overall

100% of our graduates are placed

in post-secondary education at universities, colleges or technical programs

91% of our post-secondary students graduate

Compared to 40% for Florida College System

96% of our Immokalee Readers achieve reading growth

with 64% reading on grade level

Immokalee Readers
Immokalee Readers

Take Stock in Children
Take Stock in Children

Career Development
Career Development

Post-Secondary & Career Success
Post-Secondary & Career Success

How will you change a child’s
life for the better?

There are many ways to help these boys and girls, young men and women to forge their pathways to success. From high school reading tutors to once-a-week mentors, from individual donors to corporate sponsors, from volunteers who assist in our offices or serve in an advisory capacity, there’s a place for everyone at The Immokalee Foundation. See our Get Engaged section to learn more.

On behalf our students: Thank you.

Yes, I’d like to learn more!

  • “During my undergraduate career, there was a point where I thought that I would have to quit school and work to help support my family. But thankfully, The Immokalee Foundation came through for me with a four-year scholarship award, and I was able to continue my journey toward medical school. I truly would not be here without the emotional and financial support from programs like The Immokalee Foundation.”

    Dr. Kristen
    Dr. Kristen The first Foundation student to graduate from medical school
  • “I appreciate The Immokalee Foundation and know that if I stay on course, I will achieve my dream to become my own businessman.”

    Alex, 12
    Alex, 12 Junior Academy student
  • “My mentor has encouraged me to further my education and to keep striving to accomplish my goals. Most importantly, she is one of my greatest friends.”

    Leessett Immokalee High School Senior and Florida SouthWestern State College early-admission student
  • “The Immokalee Foundation has helped me so much in the past three years. During this time I have been in the Career Development Program and I can honestly say that it is because of the Immokalee Foundation that I am in college. They always served as a guide to me when I needed help applying for college, submitting scholarships, and provided help to answer any questions that I had.”

    Graciela Immokalee High School senior
  • “Now I really know what’s involved and what part I play in the foundation. If I can help newer members, I do. And anytime somebody says, ‘We don’t have enough people’ to do something, I’m there.”

    Angel Immokalee High School junior
  • "I just thought I'd be like the rest of my family - go to high school and then get a job. Even during college, a mentor met up with me on campus, the whole nine yards. The Immokalee Foundation didn't get me to college and forget about me."

    Junior Enterprise Rent-a-Car branch manager
  • "I think everyone should know how great The lmmokalee Foundation is for making this trip so amazing!"

    Dalila One of the middle school students who visited Washington, D.C. for the presidential inauguration
  • "I choose to give back to The Immokalee Foundation because they've blessed me with so many opportunities, from life experiences to just pure growth as an adult. They provided a way for me to attend college with the confidence of knowing I had the funds to continue my education and accomplish my goal of receiving a college degree."

    Natrone Collier County Parks and Recreation program leader
  • "The Immokalee Foundation has brought out so much in me that made me into the woman I am today. They believed in me and helped me to believe in myself, equipping me with essential life skills, college prep, ACT training, tutoring and so much more."

    Christina David Lawrence Center forensic specialist

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