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On Sunday, Jonathan Cantu — an Immokalee resident and TIF student — boarded a plane for Chicago, where he’ll spend a month studying his favorite subject: art. As part of the Illinois Institute of Art’s 2010 Summer Studio 101 and a summer workshop at the Art Institute of Chicago, Jonathan will enjoy the opportunity to study art, meet new friends, and check out the sights in the Windy City. The Immokalee Foundation is honored to underwrite this life-changing experience for Jonathan.

Today, Jonathan checked in for the first time since touching down in Chi-town — and the high school senior had plenty to say about his first day at the Illinois Institute of Art. He opened up about new experiences, getting to know Chicago, practicing art, finding friends, and feeling fortunate.

Continue on to see what Jonathan had to say about his first few days in the city.

New Experiences

“My first day at the Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago was great. I really couldn’t imagine it any better than it was. I have experienced a lot so far in the short time I have been here. My first time flying, my first time taking a train, and my first time taking a taxi. Yes, I know, a lot of firsts.”

Getting to Know Chicago

“I am staying with Joseph and Dee Zednik [Joe is a TIF board member] about 25 minutes outside of the city and I take the train in the morning and in the evening. It is still very unbelievable that I’m here in the city of my dreams, looking at these amazing art schools.”

Practicing Art

“Today we worked on a story board project on fashion trends using Photoshop. I entitled mine, ‘Peacocks on the Runway…’ I used designers like Dior and Prada for references in my story board because they used peacock feathers in their spring collections.”

Finding Friends

“I made a lot of new friends from around the country, which was very easy being that I knew I had something to talk about that they were also interested in —that is, fashion.”

Feeling Fortunate

“I really want to thank everyone at The Immokalee Foundation and Mrs. and Mr. Zednik for this unforgettable opportunity I have been given. I feel very blessed to be here.”

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