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The Immokalee Foundation has been partnering with Lake Trafford Elementary School for a six-week summer enrichment program called “SPLASH” (Sustaining and Promoting Literacy Acquisition in our Safe Haven) that runs concurrent to the regular summer school schedule. The purpose of this program is to prevent summer learning loss (also known as academic regression). TIF staffer Patricia Nunez says that “the program serves a dual purpose, creating a symbiotic relationship for the elementary level student participants as wells as for the high school student mentors.” She also expressed the importance of this program for high school children: “For high school students contemplating a career in education this is an invaluable practical experience.”

SPLASH is an interdisciplinary thematic approach organized into three thematic units — “Water Wonders,” “Water Works,” and “Water Ways.” Students are actively and authentically learning, with topics centered on water conservation, safety, and the connections or interactions between natural and man-made water systems. Along with water awareness, as well as the reading and math curriculum, students take part in weekly experience-based learning through field trips and guest speakers.

Check back in to the Pathways Blog for more updates from the TIF SPLASH program.

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