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Last month, a woman by the name of Mary French delivered a truck load of school supplies to give to TIF students. What spurred Mary and her husband to donate to The Immokalee Foundation has been a mystery. That is, until now. Mary answered a few of our questions and discussed why she donated school supplies, her relationship with Immokalee, and what it means to have a benevolent spirit.

How did you come to hear about The Immokalee Foundation?
I heard about TIF through Lucio Martinez. He was a summer engineering intern in my office and he’s from Immokalee.

What made you want to give school supplies?
My office is currently scanning all of our files so we are prepping all the documents and removing documents from binders. I hated the thought of throwing them away, so I have been storing them for the past year figuring a school supply drive could use them.

What is your relationship with the town of Immokalee?
My husband and I go to the casino and we are acutely aware of the poverty surrounding it so we decided Immokalee would be the best place to put our resources.

So what made TIF seem like an important organization to donate your school supplies to?
We felt it was important to give school supplies to the residents of Immokalee because supplies are so expensive and education is so important.

My husband is retired and I am an administrative permit coordinator for the state. We have always donated to the local drives of all kinds. This year we felt that Sarasota County was financially more sufficient and so we decided to donate where there was obviously a much greater need. My husband and I are also planning on donating toys to TIF at Christmas as well. The excitement expressed by your staff was so spontaneous and genuine. It was a pleasure to be so appreciated.

I hope that The Immokalee Foundation continues to be a viable organization to the deserving residents of Immokalee.

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