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One of the most exciting things we do here at TIF is see the lives of Immokalee’s students change for the better. And there’s no better place to see this than in the workshops and classrooms populated by our Future Builders of America (FBA) students. FBA is designed to connect students through educational and construction activities that enhance their leadership and teamwork skills — and all of this as they give back to their community. Recently, some students from FBA had some interesting things to say about their home and their plans for the future.

Isais Alvarez
“Immokalee has and always will be my home. My goal is to get a job in industrial construction. I plan to come back to iTech after I get my high school diploma. What I like about Immokalee is that there are so many people who care.”

Sandy Martinez
“When I grow up, I want to be my own boss. I don’t like to be bossed around. I want to be able to wake up when I want, go to work when I want, and leave when I want. I like Immokalee because this is where I was raised. I was shown to love others, make friends with others, and respect others. I learned a lot from this town. I wouldn’t change anything.”

Jemiah Warren
“Immokalee is a place where everyone connects spiritually and culturally. It’s a place where people can accomplish their dreams, whether their dreams be big or small.”

Anita Zaragoza
“What I like most about Immokalee are the people. Immokalee has a variety of cultures. Our people lend a hand when needed. We are united and together we make a big difference.”

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