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Last week, 300 family members and TIF supporters gathered at the Bethel Assembly of God in Immokalee to celebrate the accomplishments of the 60 students who have “graduated” from one of TIF’s seven core programs. Of these 60 seniors, 55 have already committed to college or post-secondary vocational school — a number that points to the tremendous determination and success we’re seeing among the younger generations in Immokalee. 

What did the graduation ceremony entail? And what it did it mean to these students? To find out, check out these images of the evening’s celebrations as well as quotes from recent TIF graduates.

Marisela Mendoza

Tonight is very important to me. It shows my commitment to be successful. It is an opportunity that without Take Stock would seem like a dream. Thank you, Immokalee Foundation.

Mary Castro

This night represents so much to me. This is the night that I have been working towards. Without this scholarship, I would probably be worrying about how to pay for college. I thank everyone who has made this possible for me.

Maria Bustamante (middle)

Tonight, is the night that I have been working for the past six years. I have worked hard to keep this scholarship because it is my gateway to success. I come here today knowing that I have achieved my promise to Take Stock and tonight I celebrate that.

Anayareli Abarca

This night is very important to me. It is a night that I will remember as the night when we were recognized as graduates of Take Stock in Children. After all the years of commitment, we are almost to the end of our high school career. It is a wonderful night of gratitude.

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