Discovering the
Opportunities of a Lifetime

The Immokalee Foundation’s Career Development program introduces a broad range of career choices to Immokalee youth. Most students come from families in which the choices have been limited; Career Development empowers these youth to imagine a different future for themselves — and to make the right decisions to achieve their dreams.

Eligible as early as seventh grade, students in Career Development and Junior Academy pledge to maintain good grades, exhibit good behavior, remain drug- and crime-free, and provide community service. Middle school students in the Junior Academy program stay after school three times a week for education in leadership, as well as additional reading, writing and math instruction.

The program guides students through a step-by-step discovery process through their education and occupational desires. Students participate in:

  • Career panels with professionals in various fields
  • Industry and office tours
  • Job shadowing, internships and apprenticeships
  • Career interest inventories
  • Group and individual mentoring
  • Employment skills class and resume workshops
  • Business etiquette and networking experiences

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Laying the Foundation
for Future Success

Students in the Career Development program are better equipped to succeed, through exposure to a multitude of career choices allowing for more informed choices. Whether they choose to attend a technical school, college, join the military or go directly into the workforce, they have been given the tools and ability to realistically plan their future.

In 2017, 100 percent of students in Immokalee’s Career Development program graduated from high school, while also devoting hundreds of hours to community service.

The numbers tell the tale

Number of high school students in program
Average GPA
0 %
High school graduation rate
Total number of community service hours
Number of ACT prep students
0 %
Average ACT prep gain

Junior Academy

Number of middle school students in program
0 .0
Average GPA

Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of skills do students learn through Career Development?

The technical term is foundational skills — that is, communicate effectively, commit to the job, learn new tasks, leadership skills, and positive work ethics. In addition, these students develop practical skills for a specific vocation.

What is the community service aspect of Career Development?

All TIF programs require that students have “skin in the game” by performing community service. This is all part of TIF’s empowerment model for student growth. We introduce and provide opportunities for a range of community service opportunities. These students are genuinely enthusiastic about giving back and engaging with their community as a participant, not a recipient.

How are donations to Career Development used?

Financial support is used to fund the career development and educational readiness through workshops, career panels, college and technical tours that provide productive activities for the students, such as leadership training programs.

How can I get involved?

Our Career Development volunteers serve a range of functions. While some serve on advisory boards to help with career panels and career clusters, other volunteers help with mentoring, facilitate field trips, work experiences and assist with employ ability skill training. If you’d like to get involved, please contact us at or (239) 430-9122.

  • “I appreciate The Immokalee Foundation and know that if I stay on course, I will achieve my dream to become my own businessman.”

    Alex Junior Academy student

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