We love what we do

Every day, we have the opportunity to manage programs that change children’s lives. We are allowed to dream up new ways of helping these kids realize their dreams. Best of all, we get to know these incredible boys and girls who grow to young men and women. We share their successes, fears, tears, smiles and hugs. We have the privilege of watching them grow and achieve their dreams.

We can’t imagine a better place to work than The Immokalee Foundation. Interested in joining us? Send us an email and your resume. While we may not be hiring, we’re always on the lookout for the next great person to join our team.

The Immokalee Foundation Staff

Noemi Y. Perez
President and CEO
Linda Avalos
Office Manager
Amber Barr
Program Services Director
Walt Buchholtz
Operations Director
Adriana Carranza
Post-Secondary Advocate
Ruby Castillo
Program Assistant
Audra DiNanno
Outreach & Development Coordinator
Yeimi Espinoza
Student Services Manager
Yaresly Gorosquieta
After School Program Manager
Victoria Grimaldo
Database Manager
Ashley Gutierrez
Mentor Recruitment and Data Management
Linda Halligan
Data Specialist
Barbara Hawkes
Career Pathways Manager
Daniel Hernandez
Engineering and Construction Management Pathway Coordinator
Lorena Ibarra
Student Advocate
Richard Kent
Career Counselor
Paulina Magana
Post-Secondary Program Coordinator
Yasmin Mohammed
Finance Director
Araceli Moreno
Student Advocate
Heather Noel
Development Coordinator
Marissa Ocanas
Business Pathway Coordinator
Isrrael Pena
Student Advocate
Melissa Phillips
Vice President of Philanthropy
Maria Plata
Community Engagement Coordinator
Evelyn Predelus
Student Advocate
Maria Reyes
Health Care Pathway Coordinator
Marisol Sanders
Immokalee Readers Program Manager
Thalia Vazquez
Student Advocate
Marily Vega
Student Advocate
Sylvia Yzaguirre
Senior Accountant

Board of Directors

Steve Pryor
Chair, Board of Directors
David Legus
Board Treasurer
Alison Douglas
Board Secretary
Jerry Belle
Board Member
Tarren Bragdon
Board Member
Chuck Campbell
Board Member
John Griswold
Board Member
Joyce Hagen
Board Member
Karen Hendricks
Board Member
Donald Huffner
Board Member
Barbara Morrison
Board Member
Peter Negri
Board Member
Linda Salazar
Board Member
John Tobe
Board Member
Joseph Zednik
Board Member
John Costigan
Board Emeritus
Curt Culver
Board Emeritus
George Franks
Board Emeritus
Blake Gable
Board Emeritus
Don Gunther
Board Emeritus
John Henry
Board Emeritus
Skip Hildebrand
Board Emeritus
Kevin Johnson
Board Emeritus
Jim Markiewicz
Board Emeritus
Mac McDonald
Board Emeritus
Lisa Merritt
Board Emeritus
Don O’Neill
Board Emeritus
Louise Penta
Board Emeritus
Peggy Redlinger
Board Emeritus
Ann Stallkamp
Board Emeritus
Dick Stonesifer
Board Emeritus

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